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Body Tightening Concentrate
Firming and smoothing cryo-fluid for gravity fighting zones
5 fl. oz.
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Formulated for loose, sagging skin on gravity-fighting body zones including the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, knees and upper arms, this cooling fluid reinflates and supports skin’s structure resulting in a smooth, tight surface.

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  • Tightens, firms, and lifts loose sagging skin
  • Stimulates natural moisturizing factor to fill skin with volume
  • Instant cooling effect
  • Formulated for use on abdomen, buttocks, thighs, knees, and upper arms
  • Paraben-free and fragrance-free formulation
clinical study
As revealed in an 8-week controlled clinical study, twice daily use of Body Tightening Concentrate significantly improved tightness and firmness while lifting skin on difficult-to-treat body zones. 50 multi-ethnic female subjects ages 35+ were tested.
A combination of 2.5% tripeptide, 5% yeast extract, and 2% hydrolyzed rice protein tightens, firms, and lifts loose, sagging skin.
Innovation 1
Ideal complement to radiofrequency procedures
  • Provides complementary lifting, firming, and tightening action
  • Smoothes skin’s texture
  • Immediate cooling and soothing sensation
  • Consult your skincare professional to learn how Body Tightening Concentrate is an ideal complement to radiofrequency procedures and tightening treatments.
Apply twice daily to loose, sagging body areas.
1: Tighten and Firm: Apply Body Tightening Concentrate to loose, sagging body areas
2: Prevent: Apply a SkinCeuticals topical antioxidant to neck, chest, and hands
3: Protect: Apply a SkinCeuticals sunscreen to exposed body areas
1: Tighten and Firm: Apply Body Tightening Concentrate to loose, sagging body areas
key ingredients
Key Ingredient 1
2.5% tripeptide: A peptide consisting of three amino acids that helps stimulate natural moisturizing factor to fill skin with volume and helps support skin's structure.
Key Ingredient 2
5% yeast extract: Helps reinflate skin to alleviate crepiness.
Key Ingredient 3
2% hydrolyzed rice protein: Firms and tightens skin.
Body Tightening Concentrate 3.6 5 5 5
It works After giving birth to full-term, fullsize twins (7lbs and 6lbs), my abdominal skin had a wrinkly texture. On top of that, I am very slim, which negates fat from being a source of smoothness (or illusion thereof) for me. This product does what it says, which is to inflate. I see a visible, noticeable improvement in the firmness of the skin on my abdomen. August 23, 2013
I can see an improvement! In the last couple of years I've noticed my thighs, calves and underarms starting to look like a saggy alligator! I do work out, moisturize and exfoliate my skin, but I wasn't seeing any improvement. I received an email from SkinCeuticals and thought, what the heck, I'll give it a try! I've been using this product for 2 weeks, twice a day as recommended and I do see an improvement. My skin feels firmer and the alligator scales are disappearing. The product is expensive, but in the long run, I'm actually saving money because I don't have to buy all those other products I was using. May 3, 2013
Good product - happy with the results I purchased this product hoping it would help firm up some of my tummy area which seems to have lost some elasticity since I had my son. While I lost the baby weight, I still feel some sag in my lower abdominal area. This treatment seems to firm up the area after application and after a few weeks of use I feel there has been a compounding effect. It's not a miracle - I'm still definitely less elastic than I once was, but this 'takes the edge off' so to speak, and makes me feel better - which is ultimately what matters. I'm using this on my legs and rear as well, mostly as a preventative measure so we'll see what happens. It goes on smoothly (it has a gel-like consistency), you don't need to use too much, makes your skin FEEL tighter (in a good way), and has a pleasant cooling sensation, as well. Very happy, will order again. March 28, 2013
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