Phloretin CF - Antioxidants
Phloretin CF
Broad-range antioxidant treatment combining 2% phloretin, 10% L-ascorbic acid, and 0.5% ferulic acid
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This broad-spectrum treatment provides advanced environmental protection to defend skin against the reactive molecules (including free radicals) that are known to cause cellular damage. In addition to its superior antioxidant capabilities, it has been proven to correct existing damage from the inside out.
  • Provides advanced environmental protection against UVA and UVB radiation
  • Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Diminishes the appearance of hyperpigmentation and helps accelerates cellular turnover to retexture skin
  • Once absorbed, this serum can’t be washed or rubbed off. It remains effective for a minimum of 72 hours, making it an excellent addition to sunscreen.
clinical study
In-vivo, Phloretin CF provides a high level of environmental protection against UV-induced oxidative damage when exposed to solar-simulated light.
Derived from the bark of apple trees, phloretin is a broad-spectrum molecule newly identified for its antioxidant properties and studied for use as a pigment-regulating and penetration-enhancing agent.
Innovation 1
Phloretin CF protects against free radical damage to facilitate the skin’s natural repair process and helps accelerate cellular turnover.
Innovation 2
Phloretin CF improves the appearance of skin discolorations and enhances radiance and skin tone.
In the morning after cleansing, apply 4-5 drops to a dry face, neck and chest.

It is normal for vitamin C products to darken after opening due to air and light exposure. Any change in color does not affect the product's efficacy.
1: Cleanse & Tone
2: Prevent with Phloretin CF
3: Correct
4: Moisturize
5: Protect
key ingredients
Key Ingredient 1
2% phloretin: Neutralizes free radicals, accelerates cell turnover, and reduces the production of unwanted pigment.
Key Ingredient 2
10% L-ascorbic acid: Neutralizes damaging free radicals and protects skin’s breakdown from oxidative stress.
Key Ingredient 3
0.5% ferulic acid: This plant-based antioxidant neutralizes free radicals, helps inhibits UV-induced skin discolorations, and has anti-inflammatory properties.
Phloretin CF 4.7 5 61 64
Love this product I am on my second bottle and I can see each day the improvement to my skin. I have always love the outdoors, but now I am paying for it. This product has given me hope that I can improve and correct the damage done to my skin over the years. I will continue to use this product. May 14, 2014
See difference after using half of the bottle This is the most expensive skincare product that I ever bought but it worth the money since I do really care about my skin. I used the product for five months now, and used a bit more than 2/3 of the bottle. I only use it in the morning before my BB cream. I am in my mid-30, Asian with easily tanned skin. I have combination skin with most of my face (t-zone, and most cheek area) is very oily. I also had serious acne problem before I used SkinCeuticals Products. My acne were between eyebrows, along my nose, and all over my chins. I am using this product in the morning alone and Age and Blemish in the evening with Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair. These are all expensive products but I was desperate after battling acne problem since my early teens and now with fine lines and pigmentation around my eyes. I am an avid runner since my early teens and rarely wear enough sunscreen for years. I am also a long-time birth control pill user, which makes me prone to hyper-pigmentation. I had a dime size dark area on my left cheek for several years. Long story short, after using the product once a day (not missing a day) for about three months, I went running with a friend whom I have not ran with for a year. He is my dad's age and not into any women's topic, like skin and beauty. While we were running, he kept looking at me and finally asked me what I had done to my skin because it looked so good that he wanted to get the secret for his wife and daughters. I was so happy that I jumped. All my acne are gone now, even along the jawline where I usually touch many times a day while at work. The large dark spot on my left cheek is completely gone now. I still have several small sun spot but they don't really bother me. My skin has some kine of glow that I have not seen on my face for a long time because it has been overwhelmed by acne for years. I don't have any acne scars left. I ditched my foundation and started to use BB cream that is suitable for combination skin. On top of Phloretin CF, I only wear sunscreen on weekends. I don't use moisturizer at all because my skin tends to get oily quickly unless in cold winter and I live in the south. Phloretin CF in the morning and ANR in the evening are enough for me. I used to pay $150 for one or two facials and never get my skin as clear as what it is now. This small bottle has lasted me for five months now, and I still have at least one month of product left in the bottle. It is expensive by price tag, but it is so much cheaper for what it can achieve. September 9, 2013
Haven't seen noticeable change after 6 months of daily use I am in my late 30s, have combination skin & mild acne. I'm developing more prominent laugh lines and fine lines in the crow's feet & forehead area. I have hyperpigmentation from acne scars on my forehead, chin and sideburns. Used this for 6 months each morning after cleansing & toning (with y*nk* products) and then applying moisturizer and sunscreen. Pros: Does not cause any breakouts, cannot confirm that it prevents breakouts Cons: I don't see noticeable improvement in my lines and I didn't observe accelerated fading of my hyperpigmentation. Having said that, this product is labeled to "PROTECT" and not "CORRECT" so I'm stlll using it as "insurance" until it runs out. May 29, 2013
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