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Resveratrol B E
Antioxidant night concentrate to help repair and prevent accumulated damage
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With age and ongoing aggression, skin accumulates excessive free radical damage and loses its efficiency to effectively repair at night. This compounded effect leads to accelerated signs of damage such of loss of radiance, elasticity, and density.

This antioxidant night concentrate with a maximized concentration of 1% pure, stable resveratrol, synergistically enhanced with 0.5% baicalin and 1% alpha tocopherol (vitamin E) boosts skin’s own antioxidant defense system to promote its natural nightly repair for improved radiance, elasticity, and density.
  • Neutralizes age-accelerating internal free radicals.
  • Promotes skin's natural repair to diminish the visible signs of accumulated damage.
  • Strengthens functionality to resist new damage.

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Over the past 10 years the resveratrol molecule has garnered a reputation as the “longevity molecule.” New studies show that resveratrol has potential in biology of anti-aging skincare by working through a new antioxidant pathway of action.

Resveratrol helps sustain healthy longevity by neutralizing free radical damage and repairing the visible effects of age-accelerated skin.
Innovation 1
SkinCeuticals Resveratrol B E is a breakthrough formulation containing a maximized concentration of pure, stable resveratrol to diminish signs of accumulated damage.

Innovation 2
SkinCeuticals research has shown that when effectively formulated, certain combinations of antioxidants work synergistically, providing results superior to a single antioxidant product.

A triple US patent pending formulation combining resveratrol with baicalin, and alpha tocopherol (vitamin E) provides more antioxidant protection than any one of these antioxidants alone.
Once in the evening after cleansing, apply 1-2 pumps to a dry face. Follow with a SkinCeuticals treatment.

Product color naturally evolves over time due to high concentrations of active ingredients, but formula remains effective.
1: Cleanse & Tone
2: Prevent with
Resveratrol B E
3: Moisturize
key ingredients
Key Ingredient 1
1% Resveratrol: Derived from knotweed plant that helps boost skin’s natural antioxidant mechanisms.
Key Ingredient 2
0.5% Baicalin: A flavonoid antioxidant derived from roots of Baikal Skullcap that helps reduce inflammation.
Key Ingredient 3
1% alpha tocopherol (vitamin E): The most abundant, pure form of vitamin E neutralizes free radicals and replenishes skin’s lipids.
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This is the Best Skin Ceuticals Product I Have Ever Used I purchased this product after reading the review by the person with rosacea who thought this product was helpful. I have rosacea and also take Oracea. I'm lucky my rosacea is not terrible but I have "episodes" where my nose, checks, and sometimes chin get really red and I look sunburned. I will try almost anything at least once for the control of rosacea. I rarely write reviews and I signed on this site today to write this review b/c I think this product is so good. I've been using this product for about 6 weeks. I noticed improvement in the redness on a day-to-day basis pretty quickly (even if I didn't have rosacea I tend to be on the "red" side and I am very fair-skinned.). I didn't immediately write a review b/c I wanted to make sure my results were not a fluke or that I was imagining the improvement. This morning though I realized I have had almost no "flare ups" where I look bright red and sunburned particularly on my nose and checks. And the general redness of my complexion is so much improved that this morning I thought my face looks really normal! And this is after exercising and taking a warm shower. I definitely think this product has helped the condition of my skin and has definitely helped to reduce the rosacea symptom of redness. I have never used a product that did so much for my skin. I will definitely keep using this no matter the cost. I use other Skin Ceutical products including the sunscreens. June 21, 2014
Excellent! Excellent complement to add to your regimen! I saw this product in a magazine and wanted to try asap. I use it conjunction w/ all my other SkinCeutical products and have noticed a significant change in my skin texture and appearance/brightness. I work in a high profile field where appearance can mean more clients/business and I can honestly say that I have told others that if you start on SkinCeuticals at an early age, you WILL benefit later. Changes are apparent after a short period of continuous usage. After years of natural and artificial sun, the benefits I have reaped are expressed by the compliments I get on my skin. Wish I would've discovered SkinCeuticals years ago! March 25, 2014
Almost wish it didn't work so well! YouBeauty sent me a full-sized bottle to try because somehow I'm a member of a beauty board (I don't remember signing up, but I'm sure I did and I'll take it!) I began using it with little hope. Every other skin treatment I'd tried, high end to low end, either made my face peel, break out, or itch horribly. I have sensitive skin and rosacea and am prone to breakouts AND yet am still dry. In other words, the perfect storm of skin problems. My skin had been extremely dry all winter, often flaking around the nose and feeling tight, even though I just use Cetaphil to wash it and a gentle moisturizer recommended by my dermatologist. My report: Dryness: Gone. Completely gone. I use this with my moisturizer and my skin feels hydrated. Texture: Smooth and more radiant. My husband noticed a difference immediately when we went to bed the night after I applied it, and since he's a dude who doesn't notice a new haircut that speaks highly of the product. Rosacea: I take a pill for this condition, Oracea, which mitigates a lot of rosacea's effects, but still had red areas around my nose and chin. Rosacea also causes you to have "hot spots" which feel like needles stabbing your face when you exercise. One month later, those red patches are gone. When I work out, I don't have those hot-spots and my skin doesn't look so crazily red. Brown pigmentation: ie freckles/sunspots: seems to have faded, which i can only tell from looking at my before and after photos. Fine lines: I have a frown line between my brows (mostly from squinting) that has diminished and smoothed. Other fine lines (mostly on forehead and on cheeks beside nose) have blurred. Verdict: Excellent! I *almost* wish it didn't work so well, because it's kind of pricey. But I'm hoping the bottle lasts awhile. It definitely is worth the splurge just to have comfortable-feeling skin. March 10, 2014
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