Retexturing Activator - Corrective Serums
Retexturing Activator
Bi-functional resurfacing and replenishing serum
30 ml
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This revolutionary resurfacing and replenishing serum surpasses the results of a daily 20% glycolic acid treatment while simultaneously reinforcing the skin’s barrier for healthier, more radiant skin.
  • Normalizes epidermal renewal to create a noticeably smoother, softer surface texture
  • Stimulates enzymes that help break the bonds that bind dead cells to the surface of the skin, to dramatically diminish surface lines and wrinkles
  • Speeds skin-cell turnover to improve skin’s radiance, keeping new, healthy skin on the surface
  • Balances skin moisture levels
  • Reinforces the skin's barrier
clinical study
In an eight-week, dermatologist-controlled study, Retexturing Activator was found to surpass the results of a 20% glycolic acid daily-use treatment without the associated irritation. Retexturing Activator significantly improved surface lines for visibly smoother, more radiant skin.
Retexturing Activator targets two mechanisms exfoliation and hydration—to activate the skin’s regeneration response, visibly diminish surface lines, and transform skin into a smoother, softer texture.
Innovation 1
Using patent-pending technology, this unique treatment contains a 25% concentration of compounds discovered to be highly effective at promoting cell differentiation while optimizing the skin's amino acid supply to reinforce the barrier, resulting in the most efficient epidermal renewal.
Innovation 2
Potent without harsh side effects, Retexturing Activator is formulated in an efficient, oil-free delivery system suitable for all skin types.
Twice daily, apply 4-6 drops to face, neck, and chest, or as directed by a skincare professional.
1: Cleanse & Tone
2: Prevent
3: Correct with Retexturing Activator
4: Moisturize
5: Protect
1: Cleanse & Tone
2: Correct with Retexturing Activator
3: Moisturize
key ingredients
Key Ingredient 1
25% hydroxyethyl urea/aminosulfonic acid compound: Normalizes epidermal renewal to resurface the skin, encourages new cell migration to the skin’s surface, replenishes moisture levels, and reinforces the skin's barrier.
Key Ingredient 2
Kombuchka: This black tea ferment improves overall skin quality by enhancing skin smoothness, radiance, and clarity, and has an antioxidant effect.
Key Ingredient 3
Hyaluronic acid: A natural humectant capable of holding 1,000 times its own weight in water, this ingredient helps the skin retain water and immediately smoothes rough skin.
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Softened my Skin in less than 2 weeks! Within a week of starting a SkinCeuticals regimen including this product, my skin was already noticeably softer to the touch and more hydrated. I will be a devotee from now on! March 14, 2013
It works! I LOVE IT! Being in the 55-64 age group, I would encourage everyone who wants clear, smooth, skin and diminished fine lines to try this product. I was a lifeguard in the '60s when no one had ever thought of sunscreen, so you can imagine the texture of my complexion. This gives me all of the corrective benefits with no peeling or redness. I LOVE IT! Skinceuticals are the only skin care products I use. July 23, 2012
Feels so comfortable on my skin. I have had negative experiences with past products that left my skin dry and irritated. I have been using SkinCeuticals for two weeks. The product makes my skin feel like it belongs; it makes my skin soft and supple. I look forward to continued improvement and adding other products to my regime. March 5, 2012
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