Custom D•O•S•E


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SkinCeuticals Custom D•O•S•E is a professional in-office service that formulates personalized serums designed to address your unique skin concerns.


Your Custom D•O•S•E Journey

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a CUSTOM D.O.S.E consultation take?

Each CUSTOM D.O.S.E evaluation takes between 3-5 minutes and the serum takes approximately 5 minutes to dispense.

How long does a CUSTOM D.O.S.E serum last?

D.O.S.E should be applied once or twice daily, depending on the formulation or professional recommendation, and typically lasts 3 months. After three months of use, it is recommended to revisit your physician for an updated assessment.

Where can I find CUSTOM D.O.S.E?

The CUSTOM D.O.S.E treatment plan is administered at select professional locations.

How does my CUSTOM D.O.S.E fit into a comprehensive skincare regimen?

It is recommended to incorporate an at-home skincare regimen in conjunction with your CUSTOM D.O.S.E serum. If using twice daily, apply in the morning after an antioxidant serum and before a sunscreen. In the evening, apply after cleansing and before applying your moisturizer and other corrective products.

How much does a Custom D.O.S.E serum cost?

The suggested retail price for Custom D.O.S.E is $195. Visit your nearest skincare professional to learn more.

Can I pair my Custom D.O.S.E with an in-office treatment?

Custom D.O.S.E. formulations can complement the benefits of many treatments and procedures such as chemical peels, neurotoxins, and light-based therapies. Schedule a consultation with your nearest skincare professional to learn more.

1Average 8-week results from seven clinical studies (each 8-12 weeks long) on N=50 healthy females with 2-3 boosters ages 30-60 with discoloration, dark spots, uneven skin tone, and global fine lines/wrinkles

28 week clinical study N=52 healthy females [ages 18-65 with appearance of pores, visible signs of imperfections and post-inflammatory discoloration using EB369 12% AzA

312 week clinical study N=50 healthy females aged 30-60 with hyperpigmentation, dark spots, uneven skin tone and melasma and/or PIH using EB238 3% TXA +1.25% Urea