Your skin deserves safe, effective formulations.

Ensure your skinceuticals products are authentic

Important consumer warning:
always purchase genuine SkinCeuticals products

Counterfeit SkinCeuticals products have been found on unauthorized retailer websites.
These fake products are considered unsafe and should not be used. SkinCeuticals cannot confirm that the ingredients, concentrations, formulation, manufacturing, quality, storage and handling of these suspect products follow our quality standards.

Counterfeiters are highly skilled at copying products. It can be almost impossible to distinguish real from fake. This is why it is important to always purchase your SkinCeuticals products from an authorized retailer.

Authentic vs. counterfeit products

Authentic formulas
  • Safe
  • Fresh
  • Effective for its intended use
  • Formulated with the finest, highest-quality ingredients with proven scientific results
  • Manufactured and packaged under highly regulated conditions
  • Tested under strict safety parameters
Counterfeit formulas
  • Fake
  • Diluted formulations
  • Improperly stored
  • Exposed to extreme temperatures
  • Missing key ingredients and safety testing
  • Manufactured and packaged without any safety and quality assurance
  • Unsafe to use (harmful)
  • Unwarranted

Risk of using counterfeit products
Interference with procedures, allergic reactions, adverse reactions such as infection, rash, and erythema.

To ensure your SkinCeuticals products are authentic purchase through one of the following authorized sources:

1. Authorized skincare professional
To find an authorized dermatologist, plastic surgeon, medical spa, or other qualified premium skincare professional near you, visit our SKINCARE PROFESSIONAL LOCATOR

2. SkinCeuticals website

3. Authorized online retailers


Look out for this seal on authorized websites:

Skinceuticals Authorized Retailers

Caution: unauthorized retailers

Counterfeiting is not only illegal, but also dangerous to your health. Please be aware that if you purchase from an institution not listed as authorized the product(s) may be diluted, fake, harmful, expired and may not be safe to use or perform as tested. SkinCeuticals will not take any responsibility for the purchasers’ dissatisfaction. The websites listed below who claim to sell SkinCeuticals products have no relationship with our company and are not authorized retailers.

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SkinCeuticals fight against counterfeiters

Skinceuticals 100% authenticity guaranteed
  • We continuously upgrade our product tracking technologies.
  • We regularly purchase from unauthorized sources and take immediate legal action against diverters and counterfeiters.
  • We are currently working with law enforcement regarding counterfeit products that have been identified on unauthorized channels.

How can you help?

If you suspect that you may have received counterfeit product and you would like to file an official report, please contact SkinCeuticals