VIP Skinsider

Skinceuticals Exclusive Membership Rewards Program

The Perks
  • Early Access

    Early Access

    Be the first to know about our newest product innovations and exclusive offers

  • Complimentary Shipping

    Complimentary Shipping

    Receive complimentary shipping on all orders

  • Alerts

    Back-In-Stock Alerts

    Get notified when one of your favorite products is sold-out and then comes back in stock

  • Skinsider Surprises

    VIP Skinsider Surprises

    As a VIP SKINSIDER, expect to receive gifts and surprises throughout the year


What is the VIP SKINSIDER program?

The VIP SKINSIDER program is our free rewards program in the United States that offers exclusive benefits and perks for our best customers. You must be logged into your account on to access the VIP SKINSIDER program.

How do I qualify for the VIP SKINSIDER program?

In order to qualify for the VIP SKINSIDER program, you must have purchased 3 times or more on from the previous year, counting back from the month before the month you created a account. You must have a account and be logged into your account when placing your orders for us to track your status.

For example, if you created your account in May 2018, your number of purchases are calculated by adding up your total purchases from April 2017-April 2018. If you have questions on how to create an account or how to login to your account, please click here.

What are the VIP SKINSIDER perks?

VIP SKINSIDER perks include free shipping on all orders, early access to new products, surprise offers and gifts throughout the year, and more.

How do I receive my perks?

You must log in to your account to access the VIP SKINSIDER perks. We will alert you of your perks once you log into your account and will also send them to you by email.

Can I become a VIP SKINSIDER by purchasing from SkinCeuticals authorized retailers and/or skincare professionals?

At this time, purchases made on authorized retailers and/or SkinCeuticals skincare professionals are not eligible towards the VIP SKINSIDER program. Only purchases made on qualify for the VIP SKINSIDER program.

How can I redeem my birthday gift?

All VIP SKINSIDERS are eligible to redeem one birthday gift per year during the month of their birthday. You will receive an email notification with your birthday gift to redeem on

What is early access to new products?

As our VIP, you will get first access to our newest product innovations before we release them to the public. We will send you an email letting you know a new product is coming.

What are back-in-stock alerts?

Whenever one of your favorite products is sold-out and then comes back in stock, we’ll let you know with an email notification.