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Welcome to the SkinCeuticals Treatment Tour, where you can learn about the brand and products, engage with medical experts, receive complimentary treatments and more.​

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Visit us on the Treatment Tour for complimentary treatments, skin consultations with our skincare experts, premium product samples, limited-edition offerings including $50 voucher towards your next treatment and more!

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Our next stop is in Los Angeles, CA at the Grove 4/5-4/6.
We hope to see you there!

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Discover our best-selling skincare products that effectively address and improve your skin concerns ranging from visible signs of aging, skin discoloration, dry skin, blemishes, sensitive skin, and more.​​

Complimentary Treatments​

Receive one of our complimentary SkinCeuticals treatments on the Treatment Tour, available by appointment only.​​ Email and SMS subscribers get early access.​

Facial Peel​​​

WHAT IS IT? A mild chemical exfoliation treatment that combines a blend of acids suitable for even the most sensitive skin to aid in smoothing texture, decongesting pores, and increasing hydration for brightened, refreshed, and glowing skin.​

TIME: 30 minutes

Hand Peel​

WHAT IS IT? A mild chemical exfoliation treatment for the hands that utilizes a blend of acids that expedite the skins natural cell turnover rate, providing increased hydration for smoother, refreshed, and glowing hands.​

TIME: 20 minutes

Skinscope Consultation​​​

WHAT IS IT? A comprehensive skin consultation using the SkinCeuticals SkinScope, a proprietary diagnostic tool, to reveal visible and underlying skin concerns, along with tailored advice from a skin expert.

TIME: 10 minutes

Can't find an availability? Space is saved for walk-ins to receive a SkinScope Consultation or an express Skin Consultation, stop by our Treatment Tour anytime during event hours, subject to weather conditions.

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Meet Your Skin Experts​

Learn about your skin experts who are on board the Treatment Tour.

Los Angeles, April 5-6 ​
The Grove​


Ben Seiber, SkinCeuticals National Aesthetics Training Manager.  Ben is a Licensed Medical Aesthetician who has been dispensing medical grade products and procedures for over a decade. Ben is a clinical educator traveling nationally for SkinCeuticals for the past 7.5 years. Ben has an inspiring personal journey turned passion for the Aesthetic industry, focusing on education and offering corrective treatments for top concerns and aggressors in the medical skin arena. In his home life, Ben enjoys spending time with his friends, family, his 2 French Bulldogs, wake surfing on the Tennessee River and his first profession as a General Contractor. 

Briana is a Licensed Medical Aesthetician and Laser Technician from Dallas, TX. She is specialized in treating darker Fitzpatrick types with laser and comes from a device training background as well. As Briana fell in love with corrective aesthetic treatments, she fell even more in love with skincare and integrations. Her focus is providing confidence to every single individual in the treatment room from patient to provider. 

Marilyn Quist Coates is a SkinCeuticals Senior Aesthetics Training Manager and has dedicated her passion to the Aesthetics industry for nearly 25 years. She is a Licensed Esthetician, Post Graduate Trainer, Communications Specialist, Business Development Strategist, and hosted SkinCeuticals broadcast – PRO LIVE. She has worked with some of the most respected Cosmeceutical lines, where she has spent years perfecting her craft and doing what she loves most - training Aesthetic professionals from around the globe.  

Jennifer Hoke is a Licensed Aesthetician, with 18+ years of beauty industry experience ranging from aesthetics to Education and Training expertise. When Jennifer is not with immersed in SkinCeuticals, she loves to spend time with her French Bulldog, Liam, participate in anything outdoors and being active, to skiing, and time at the beach, of course with her SkinCeuticals Antioxidant and SPF.​

Karen Curzi is a Licensed Medical Aesthetician who has been perfecting her craft for over 23 years. Driven by her passion for chemical peels, Karen has spent her career working as an educator for different medical aesthetic companies, training aesthetic professionals dermaplaning techniques and advanced chemical peels. In her free time, Karen enjoys entertaining family and friends, along with time at the beach and her toes in the sand. ​

With an extensive background as a Dermatology Nurse, Jody has been fortunate enough to spend most of my career working side by side with some of the most remarkable Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons in the country. Her journey in this field has led her to have a unique outlook on the industry, and she have been able to refine my skills and knowledge to help others look and feel their best. She has a deep passion for all things beauty and skincare.

Jody is known for my hardworking nature, driven mindset, and ambition. Constantly seeking ways to improve and grow, she enjoys taking on challenges and pushing boundaries of my expertise. Jody's dedication to delivering exceptional training and guidance to aspiring aesthetic professionals is unwavering.

Outside of work, you can often find her spending quality time with my adorable dogs, indulging in a great book, or exploring a new city. These activities yield her with the relaxation and inspiration I need to keep pursing my professional goals and help awaken others in the field. 

Alicia is a licensed aesthetician with over 15 years’ experience working as a skilled professional in the skincare industry. Currently serving as the National Aesthetics Training Manager at SkinCeuticals, Alicia is responsible for planning and facilitating training across the West Coast. With a passion for aesthetics and an established history in training and education, Alicia loves to share product knowledge, tips, and hands-on techniques with fellow skin care providers and SkinCeuticals lovers alike.
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